Wednesday, November 01, 2023

Upcoming Apearance: LTUE #42 in February 2024


I’m so excited to present at Life, the Universe, and Everything #42. FORTY-TWO!!! Will this be the event where we finally learn the ultimate questionMaybe. Maybe not. But I am confident that the symposium will be worth your time.  

On February 15, I have the privilege of participating in two panels—(1) Defining and Applying Gesture in Your Art at 11:00 am and (2) Is A.I. Changing the Way We Edit? at 3:00 pm.   Then at 5:00 pm, I will be teaming up once again with the amazing songwriter, Kira Gatiuan, to present Come See What I Hear: A Confluence of Art and Music, where we will present new collaborative art and music with a speculative twist.

I hope you’ll join us. 

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