About Kevin

Kevin Wasden is an ever endeavoring artist, storyteller, poet, and educator.


Kevin's artistic journey began in childhood, sketching comic book heroes and doodling for friends. But it was Mr. Sylvester's 6th grade art class at Fillmore Middle School that flipped a switch. There, he discovered the magic of light and shadow, forever altering how he saw the world. College took him to Utah State University, where mentors like Glen Edwards and Gregory Schulte helped hone his drawing and painting skills. The quest for artistic excellence later led him to study figure painting under Andy Reiss, in Brooklyn, New York.

As a professional illustrator and designer, Kevin has created art for numerous book, periodical, and game publishers, such as Avon Camelot, Baen, Fantasy Flight Games, Alderac Entertainment Group, and others. While serving as the creative director at Alinco Costumes, he also played a pivotal role in the design of many famous mascot characters and costume designs, such as the Chicago Bulls, the Arizona Diamondbacks, and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Throughout his career, Kevin has felt a deep desire to share his knowledge and skills with others. For many years, he served as a private art instructor and high school art teacher.

In 2023, Kevin turned the majority of his creative energy toward making more personalized artwork for shows and galleries. He currently is an exhibiting artist at Urban Arts Gallery in Salt Lake City.  He also participates in numerous local and state art shows (visit the Exhibits & Events tab for the latest).

Kevin has always loved the power of words and has collaborated artistically with numerous accomplished writers. However, he only recently started pursuing the publication of his own writing, which can be found in CulturED: Pathways to Meaningful School Change (2022), Lost Between Light & Shadow: A Collection of Dark Poetry (2024), and Dog Save the King (2025), an anthology of short fiction.

Kevin has dedicated much of his time to making a significant impact on the lives of students. He holds a bachelor's degree from Utah State University and a Master of Education in Leadership and Administrative Development from Southern Utah University. He has served as a high school visual arts teacher, department chair, Dean of Culture, and K-8 Principal. He currently serves as Director of 
Professional Development at Gibbs Smith Education, where he helps teachers and school leaders better their schools and practices. Throughout his career, Kevin has been recognized for his commitment to academic excellence, community stewardship, and character development.