Monday, November 06, 2023

Angels of Music

People who have accompanied me on long car rides are well aware of my passion for music. I have a tendency to take control of the aux cord and share endless trivia about my favorite singers and groups. Despite having little musical talent, myself, I deeply appreciate the creativity and communicative power of a great song. I am fascinated by the diverse ways music can be expressed. 

In my recent series of paintings, I aimed to capture these musical elements by personifying different genres such as pop, disco, punk, and gothic through portraiture. In the future, I plan to expand this project by adding new portraits or full-figure characters representing four additional musical genres.

Do you have a particular genre of music you would like to suggest for an “Angel”? Leave your suggestion in the comments below.

Gallery quality prints of Phase 1 are available at INPRNT.


Kody said...

Rock, Alternative, RAP, Country, Jazz

Neon said...

Theatre music/musicals, rock