Thursday, July 07, 2011

What is your opinion on Creativity?

I'm taking a course this week on teaching literacy.  As part of the class, we were asked to create an "Anticipation Guide",  which is a series of statements about a text that students are about to read.  I didn't have a particular text in mind at the time, but derived the following statements from several books and discussions on the topic.  They are designed to foster thought and discussion.   And I wouldn't mind sparking a little discussion right now, so here is my anticipation guide.  I hope you'll take a few minutes to respond and leave a comment.  Thanks.

Anticipation Guide

·         -Read the following statements about Creativity
·         -Consider whether you agree or disagree with these statements.
·         -Please share your response to some or all of these in the comments section.

1.  Some people are not born with creative ability.
2.  Creativity is a skill that can be learned through knowledge and practice.
3.  Creativity is predominantly an attribute of the arts.
4.  Creativity is the culmination of choice.  Freedom and skill permit greater opportunities for choice and therefore foster greater creativity.
5.  Creativity is the same thing as self-expression.