Tuesday, December 17, 2019

The Moose

The Moose
by Kevin Wasden  © 2019

Who fears most, you or I?
Your twelve-hundred against my two-hundred-thirty?
Your palmate antlers against my extended palms?
Humbly, I turn and flee
And fortunately, so do you.

El Alce
por Kevin Wasden  © 2019

¿Quién teme más, tú o yo?
¿Tus mil doscientos frente a mis doscientos treinta?
¿Tus cuernos palmeados contra mis palmas extendidas?
Humildemente, me giro y huyo,
Y afortunadamente, tú también.

Guardian Fir

Guardian Fir
by Kevin Wasden  © 2019

Hail in the summer,
a mountain storm, rare
but not without history.

Pebbles and stones
hurled as from turrets
at the vulnerable

who, beneath a grand Douglas
fir that spreads its boughs,
find a guardian.

The hail at the boundary
roars in indignation
at the space it cannot reach.

Abeto Guardián
por Kevin Wasden  © 2019

Granizo en el verano,
una tormenta de montaña, rara
pero no sin historia.

Guijarros y piedras
arrojadas desde torretas
encima de los vulnerables

quienes, debajo de un gran abeto Douglas

que extiende sus ramas,
encuentran un guardián.

El granizo en el límite

ruge de indignación
por el espacio que no puede alcanzar.

Tuesday, April 02, 2019

The Island of Doctor Necreaux

© Kevin Wasden

A couple years ago I was asked to contribute to the second edition of The Island of Doctor Necreaux, a cooperative adventure game created by Jonathan Leistiko.  I had created the card art for the original edition published by AEG.  This time around, I contributed several cards, in addition to the cover art.  I wanted to capture a sort of campy, 1930s Flash Gordon feel.  I had fun on the project, but during this time I had some changes in my work and failed to post the art on my blog.  So, here it is . . . better late than never, right?