Thursday, February 16, 2012

DaVinci Academy's Semiannual Student Art Exibition

Recently we held the DaVinci Academy semiannual student art show.  I wish I had time to show more, but here are a few entries.

Whale art by E.H., 12th Grade

A.L., 11th Grade, Charcoal

B.F., 8th Grade, Charcoal, Life Study from Skeleton Model,

H.J., 10th Grade, Acrylic, Assignment focusing on color/value shapes

M.D., 10th Grade, Charcoal, Life Study from skeleton model

S.C., 8th grade, Charcoal, drawing from still life

S.K., 8th Grade, Collage, "painting" of still life using collage technique

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Supporting the Arts at DaVinci Academy

Dear Artist Friends,

On March 3rd, from 7 pm to 9 pm, DaVinci Academy of Science and the Arts will host its annual Gala fundraiser.  This event has always served a crucial role in DaVinci’s fundraising efforts; however, I hope this year will surpass all others.  

This year, the Gala committee will devote all profits from the event toward completion of the school’s Black Box Theatre.  I can think of nothing that will benefit DaVinci Academy and its students more.  This theatre will provide space for plays, musical performances, lecture series, art exhibitions, and many other significant events.  DaVinci’s students have waited many years for this opportunity, and it’s my aspiration to make it happen.

In order to pull this off, we need help from the community, and in particular, I would like to extend an invitation to my artist friends.  As part of the event, we will be holding a Silent Auction, and we would like to feature quality artwork.  If any of you have any drawings, paintings, ceramics, or sculptures for which you would be willing to donate all or part of the proceeds, please contact me via the comments below, Facebook, or e-mail.   Those of you who know me, know I hate asking for donations, but this truly is a cause that is close to my heart.  

Thank you.