Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Little Rant

Dear People in Charge,

Might I make a suggestion?  Or a few?

Can you please invest more in education?  And in particular, will you direct that money toward teacher salaries?  Feel free to hold us to higher standards.  And don't let us get complacent.  Better salaries will lead to better teaching, as long as that salary is tied to performance.

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of money, could you please hire more teachers?  More teachers means smaller class sizes.  As teachers, we need smaller class sizes.  Students need more one-on-one time.  It validates them.  It improves learning.  I'm tired of having little more than one minute to to spend with each of my students during class time.  I think I'm a good teacher, but with just a little of your help I could be so much better.

Yes, I know you're saying you don't have enough money . . . but, we all know the money is there.  It's just poorly managed by politicians who can't see the future beyond the next election.  Seriously, was it necessary to pay $3.4 million to build a tunnel for turtles in Florida or $5 million to create a geothermal energy system for a dying shopping mall in Oak Ridge, Tennessee?  How many billions were spent to create new jobs building roads when the best investment would have been education?  Wouldn't a wave of highly educated, enthusiastic young minds stimulate greater growth in America than a "stimulus" plan?  Please, make education a priority and then let the educated take care of our problems.


Kevin Wasden

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