Thursday, September 08, 2011

And now . . .

It's been a very busy summer.  I decided I was going to bite the bullet and complete my coursework for Utah's Alternative Routes to Licensure program.  This is a great program that let's people like me, with a bachelors degree but not a teaching certificate, become qualified to teach.  I entered the program in 2009.  They gave me three years to complete the program, but I decided I wanted it done now.  I took four classes through Salt Lake Community College and University of Phoenix this summer, and I completed the last class this past Monday.  I keep telling myself it's nice to be done, that maybe next summer, I'll actually get to enjoy it . . . but the truth is, I kind of feel lost.  At the time the classes seemed over-whelming, but now that they are over, I miss them.  I like learning.  I like sitting in a classroom filled with teachers because I'm guaranteed to learn something interesting about pretty much everything.  And A.R.L. teachers are amazing.  Almost all of us have worked professionally in our fields and so we bring with us some really in-depth knowledge about the subjects we teach.  It makes for really fascinating discussions.  Anyway, I've started looking at Masters programs, but I've promised my wife I will wait for a year or two.  In the mean time, it will be nice to be able to draw and paint more, read more (something besides textbooks), and actually blog a bit more I suppose.

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