Thursday, November 25, 2010

Isolation, revised

This is a digital painting I did several years ago for my friend, Darwin Garrison.  It's based on one of his short stories, entitled Kyrie's Gauntlet.  I happened to take a look at it the other day ended up tinkering with it in photoshop.  I made just a few minor changes.  In particular, I added a hint of green cloud forms behind Kyrie.  I think the complementary colors of the cloud and the red jumpsuit help create greater emphasis and energy.


Darwin said...

Yup. Uh huh. You're right. It makes the composition more dynamic because of the juxtaposition of color and added conceptual depth.

And now the print that hangs on my wall looks naked. ;)

Kevin Wasden said...

Hey, Darwin, I've got a show coming up in a couple months and I'll have to get some new prints made. I'll plan on sending one your way.

Unknown said...

:-)You guys analyse these things to death. I just think it's a great artist capturing the feeling of a powerful story. Some of that talent may be analytically explained, but a fair amount must come from the artist's instinctive mental image and knowing what will work (when I paint or draw I know exactly what I want to draw but lack the expertise to translate that into an image.)