Friday, June 18, 2010

Almost Angel

One of the nice things about summer break is that I have more time to paint . . . just a little. I worked on this painting a bit more the past couple days and figured I should post an update. I've enjoyed working with straight black &white on this one. It has allowed me to focus on value without the added complexity of hue. I still have a lot of details to finish . . . which reminds Teacher Me to say to my students,"The difference between mediocre art and good art is in the finish work!" Let's see how well I finish off this one.

Book Recommendation:
Drawing with an Open Mind


stephaniemabey said...

Stunning. Looking forward to seeing it all finished!

babybroky said...

Wow Kevin I didn't know that you have such a great talent! I like this one, is superb... keep up the good work... (for others that we don't, hehehe).