Monday, January 13, 2020

Beskar Vader

© 2020 Kevin Wasden

What if Vader wore Beskar armor?  And, what if Vader wielded the Dark Saber and led the Mandalorians?  That, I believe, would be an interesting story.

One More Cast

© 2019 Kevin Wasden

One More Cast
By Kevin Wasden © 2020

I am addicted,
as any gambler
who petitions,
“Just one more hand.”

Beneath the river’s flow
glides my prize,
     silver and gold,
     spotted and scaled.
And even though
      I can scarcely see
      in the waning light,
and my line locks
     in the eyelet ice,
and my wife is home
     wondering where I am,
I lie to myself
     again and again,
      “Just one more cast.”