Sunday, November 12, 2023

the forgotten man

AI assisted spot illustration 

the forgotten man

by kevin wasden 

©2023 Kevin Wasden

the forgotten man 

        in the rocking chair

                watching robins outside the window

the forgotten man

        can no longer stand


crooked and bowed

        with bristly beard

        and unkempt hair 

                fringing a hairless crown

                        hidden beneath the baseball hat

                        emblazoned with lightning and sword

his frail skeleton 

        buried beneath four layers

                                never warm even in july 

                holes picked with nervous fingers 

                                in the weave of his sweater

a broken body

a troubled mind

and memories that distort



but his dreams are blindingly vivid

        and frighteningly painful




                        friends lost 

                        battles buried in boxes

                        the weight of the dead 

                                carried back to distant rendezvous 

                        no man left behind 

        but truth 

                        no man ever returned

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Anonymous said...

II love it Kevin,I stopped yesterday to talk to a man in the Walmart parking lot looking for handouts.He sat in a wheel chair staring at the ground with a German shepherd by his side, this poem described him to a tee.I could not help but visit with him for a few moments and help share his pain even it was but for a few moments.Thank you for sharing. Randy